Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

NUSC is excited to offer swimming lessons to both poolmemebers and non-members. The swimming lesson program will be managed and taught by Maggie White. Maggie is currently a student at St Pius X High School. Maggie has been swimming most of her life, swimming for the Winding Vista Swim team for 10 years and GAC Spartan Aquatics club for 2 years. Maggie currently swims on the St. Pius X swim team. She has received many lessons over her swim career and is looking forward to teaching swimming lessons this summer at NUSC.

Group lessons will be offered based on swimmer’s skill level. Swimmers may be moved based on the initial assessment.  Any group movement will be determined by Emma and discussed with each family.  We want to ensure your child is able to progress their swim skills and get the most of their lessons.  Scheduling lessons will be determined based on interest in the program.

Groups (Ages 3* – 10+) Number per Group Lesson Skills Cost(Each group package includes ten 30-minute lessons)
Basics 3-4 Kicking, front and back float, basic freestyle Members:  $200


Non-Members: $300

Stroke Development 3-4 Freestyle, Backstroke, Basic breaststroke, basic diving
Stroke Refinement 4-6 Refinement of strokes, breaststroke, and butterfly, diving
Advanced (Age 10+) 5-8 Strength building, stroke technique, turns

*3 and 4-year-olds MUST be able to touch the pool bottom on the shallow end and be potty-trained.

Private lessons will be available upon request.  Private lesson times and schedules will be determined by working directly with Emma.  The cost of private lessons is $30/lesson for members and $40/lesson for non-members.

To sign up, please email nuscswimlessons@gmail.com

Include the following in your message:

      Name of Swimmer(s) for lesson

      Age of Swimmer(s) 

      Name of Parent/Guardian

      Dates and times that work best for your family

      NUSC membership status

      Level of lesson or if you are requesting private lessons

Once your email is received we will follow up with any questions and details about the lesson, and payment instructions.  These lessons will be on a first-come/first-serve basis.

If you are a non-member and would like to become a member of NUSC  join our club, or contact us 


Swim Lessons


Group pricing should be paid for each child participating in the lesson

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